DUI Bail Bonds: How is Bail Set?

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DUI Bail Bonds

It is important that you not only understand how DUI bail bonds work, but also how bails are set. Our attorneys listed at JailSucks.com are here to help you pay your Dallas bond and to help you understand it as well. Knowledge is power, and we are all about empowering each and every one of our clients.

Judge’s Choice

The first thing that you should know about bonds and DUI bail bonds is that it is the judge who determines who much the bond is. Bail can be determined by the severity of the crime, the defendant’s past crimes, if they are employed and if they are closely tied to their family and community.

If the defendant has a warrant with another jurisdiction, the judge is allowed to legally deny him or her bail, eliminating the defendant’s need for DUI bail bonds in the jurisdiction where the offense occurred. There is also a chance that the judge will deny bail if he or she feels that the defendant is a flight risk.

Police Practices

The police can also determine how high your bail is. Defendants who want to get bailed out of jail as quickly as possible might find themselves hit with the most severe criminal charges that can be proven with the evidence and facts that the police have at their disposal. Even if the charge is later reduced, it can still be considered a felony for the bail schedule.

If you find yourself in need of a professional and experienced bail bond agent, pick up the phone and call or find us on the web at JailSucks.com at 214-524-5782.


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Understanding How to Pay for Bail Bonds

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How to Pay for Bail BondsMany people have misconceptions about jail and the bail bonds process. Even though somebody is behind bars doesn’t mean that he or she has to be stuck there. If you have been given the option to pay for bail but don’t know exactly how to pay for bail bonds, contact us on the web at JailSucks.com. We can help you understand how to pay for these bonds and assist you with getting out of jail quickly.

The Bail Process

The amount of the bail bond and how to pay for bail bonds is usually reliant on the severity of the crime that put the person in jail. For instance, if the person commits a less serious crime, they can usually pay the cost of their bail immediately after they are put in jail. However, if the crime committed was more serious, the person in jail will usually have to wait 48 hours before they can go to a hearing where a judge determines if they are eligible for bail and how much it will be.

If you are overwhelmed by how to pay for bail bonds after being put in jail, remember the amount that you are required to pay is dependent on the crime you committed and what the judge at the hearing determines is an appropriate bail bond amount.

Getting Bailed Out Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

If you or a loved one is stuck in jail and you want to know what your options are regarding Dallas bail bonds and how to pay for them, we can help you. Contact us on the web at JailSucks.com by calling 214-524-5782.

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Surety Bail Bonds Help Get People Out of Jail Quickly

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Go To Jail from the game MonopolyIf you find yourself behind bars, you may begin to remember that old board game you once played. You know the one with the get out of jail free card? Wishing for such things is not the best way to actually get out of jail. While some people are able to be released on their own recognizance, or because they have a good enough reputation in the community and sign a paper promising that they will show up when it is their assigned court date, most are not so fortunate. Should you find yourself in jail without a magic release card, make sure to contact the attorneys listed on the website  JailSucks.com for assistance in attaining surety bail bonds.

Jail is Not Like the Movies

This Dallas bail bond company is certainly not a get out of jail free card, but it can make the difference between getting out and staying in. Despite what you see on television and in movies, the fact that you have been arrested, fingerprinted, had a photo taken, and are now behind bars does not mean it is a permanent condition. Often a large bail is set, and paying that bail means you can wait for your court date at home. For those unable to pay the entire cost of bail, it is possible that you can get surety bail bonds, leaving you to pay about 10% of the cost instead of coming up with hundreds or thousands of dollars on your own.

Know What a Bond is and Who to Trust

Knowing about surety bail bonds can make getting out of jail one step easier. For instance, did you know that you may request a bond at any time of day or night? This may speed up the process of being able to go home until your court date instead of having to remain in jail. Contact the attorneys listed at JailSucks.com or by calling 214-524-5782 can be trusted to help get you out of jail fast.

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Understand How Bail Bonds Work

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Ending up in jail does not make anyone happy.  It is important to understand how bail bonds work in case you find yourself behind bars. The attorneys listed at the website JailSucks.com in Dallas can help you secure bail. Here is some important information on bail bonds:

How does it work?

Bail bond representatives have predefined arrangement in place with local courts that states they will reimburse the court for any defendant for whom they are responsible that does not show up in court. The bail bond company usually has an agreement in place with a bank or other financial institution in the event they on their clients skips a court and they have to pay the court in the event a defendant does not show.

How much does bail costs?

It all depends. Bail bond agents or bail bondsmen in Dallas usually charge between 10-15% of the total bail. This is how the bond agent gets paid for the transaction and the fee is non-refundable.  If bail is substantial amount of money, bail bondsmen can typical secure the bond against other assets of the individual or other people who want to help the accused.  Homes are frequently used as assets to secure bail.

What is a bounty hunter?

A bounty hunter is responsible for tracking down an individual who has failed to appear in court and caused the bail bond company to forfeit bail to a court.

The attorneys listed at JailSucks.com know how difficult it is to be incarcerated and can help you get out on bail. Call us at 214-524-5782 for more information

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The Rights of the Arrested

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Being ArrestedPost-Arrest Rights: Not Often Understood

If movies, books, and television have taught us anything about crime and punishment, it is that there are three little words you should fear immensely: “You’re under arrest.” Usually, it’s because those words immediately precede a cut to commercial, followed by a return to a crying, screaming or otherwise unhappy prisoner. In reality, this isn’t how it works — there is a long road between being taken into custody and seeing the inside of an actual jail, with an equally drawn-out jail release process if applicable. Unfortunately, most people don’t know much of anything about what happens after arrest, and the lack of information includes a failure to understand the rights of the arrested. JailSucks.com, the website address of a trusted Dallas Attorney-based bail bond facilitator, knows the post-arrest period can be stressful and confusing, which is why the company is dedicated to educating the accused about what happens between arrest and posting bail.

Have I Been Arrested?

First, you should know the difference between being arrested and simply being questioned about potential involvement in a crime. If you are in a public place and law enforcement officers ask you questions about a criminal matter, you do have the right to refuse to submit to questioning and can walk away. You can avoid any misunderstanding by simply asking whether you are being arrested or detained, and if not, you can leave. The next step above being questioned but below being arrested is being detained – when police reasonably suspect your involvement in a crime. Even if detained, you still have the right to not answer questions.

Post-Arrest Rights

If you are arrested, an officer should clearly and unmistakably alert you to that fact. You have the right to be informed what you are being arrested for as well as the penalties for the crimes of which you are accused. And while you have the right to receive certain information, you also have the right to refuse to give officers information they request. Going along with that right is the right to a lawyer, who can advise you about if you should answer questions. Further, you have a right to have a judge determine whether you will be required to post bail or whether you can go free before trial.

The attorneys listed at the website JailSucks.com understands that the judicial process can be confusing, and it is in your best interest to be informed. Often, bail bonds are part of the process; for more information on bail bonding, call Jail Sucks at 214-524-5782.

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The Differences in Bail Bond Types

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Baby in JailMoney talks, and you need it to speak up when you are arrested and want to get out of jail. Without it, you have to stay there in circumstances that you may find unacceptable. Unless you have a stack of cash that you can use to pay your bail, you need an agent who provides Dallas bail bonds. The attorneys listed on the website JailSucks.com have the types of bail bonds that can get you out of jail fast.

Getting Someone to Help You

Unfortunately, you have limited access to the outside world when you are in jail. The bail bond process starts by getting a friend or relative to contact a Dallas bail bonds agent on your behalf. The person you designate is your surety, someone who agrees to accept liability for your bond if you do not appear in court as ordered. The bondsman then promises the court to pay the full amount of bail if you skip town and default on repaying the bonding company. Bail jumping is a criminal offense that greatly complicates your problems.

Complicated Legal Processes

You are sure to encounter many complicated processes in the legal system that you do not understand, and immigration bail bonds are especially confusing. Attorney Eric C. Hill, as described on his website at JailSucks.com has an excellent reputation with the State and Federal court system, an essential qualification if you are facing immigration issues including detention and deportation. When you cannot afford to make any mistakes, you need legal representation by a skilled defense attorney to lead you through the maze of complicated rules.

Making a Plan for Success

To get the best outcome from a jail experience, you need to make a plan that includes access to a bail bondsman and an attorney. Once you visit our website, JailSucks.com, you get access to a top notch law firm (that can post bail bonds as well) that is available to you around the clock. You can start now to develop your plan so that you can have it when you need it the most. Choose the attorney listed on the website, JailSucks.com, as your reliable source of Dallas bail bonds and remember to call 214-524-5782 when you need to get out of jail.


Decoding Immigration Laws in Texas

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Immigration Bail BondsThe United States has long been regarded as a melting pot of cultures, where immigrants from around the world can come to seek a better life. But being an immigrant in the United States can be far from easy. The experience varies from state to state; for example, Texas immigration law can be particularly complicated, and violations carry dire penalties. Of course, life is far from over after an arrest for immigration law violations. The transition back to normalcy may be a long road, but you can begin the process by securing immigration bail bonds.

If you’re in need of Dallas bail bonds or immigration bail bonds in general, remember to visit the website JailSucks.com. It’s not just a true statement, it’s also the name of an all-in-one arrest service business. Attorney Eric Hill is a licensed defense attorney and can help you or your loved one get out of jail quickly by posting attorney bail bonds.

Attorney Eric Hill is a professional with experience assisting in a variety of criminal and immigration law issues, and he can help you through the entire process, from procuring a bail bond to assisting you with criminal charges. Call 214-524-5782 for more information.

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How to Choose a Bail Bond Agent

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Dallas Bail Bong AgentSome qualities that you look for in a friend when you need help are the same that you need in a Dallas bail bond agent. You probably choose your friends wisely, and selecting a bail bondsman or defense attorney requires the same kind of consideration.

Some of the more important traits include:

  • Dependability
  • Availability
  • Understanding
  • Responsiveness

You need someone who is accessible around the clock, is financially capable of meeting your needs, and is ready to respond when you call. Attorney Eric C. Hill, described on the website JailSucks.com, has successfully helped clients get out of jail for 15 years.

Access to an Attorney

A bail bond company led by an attorney who can make bail for clients helps you streamline the procedure of getting out of jail. You get to have the steady counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney from the time of posting bail through a day in court.

Attorney Eric Hill and Amanda Murphy have established a reputation for providing the highest quality of service to defendants who need bail and aggressive representation, and many clients have expressed appreciation for having access to legal expertise while going through these new and difficult situations.

Multiple Locations

The location of a bail bond office is also important to defendants who have limited access to transportation. The law firm described on the website JailSucks.com has offices in Dallas, Irving, Addison, and Garland. A defendant can request a bond at any hour of the day or night to get the release process started as soon as possible. Having a licensed defense attorney present often helps make the process move along more rapidly.

The attorneys listed on the website JailSucks.com operates on the principle of providing solid support when a person gets a DUI arrest. The experience of riding in a police car to a jail is disturbing, and the worry about getting a mug shot and fingerprints adds to the difficulty of the situation. Bail bonds, however, offer a way for a defendant to return home and avoid the prolonged misery of staying in jail until a court date. Put 214-524-5782 in your cell and call us or contact us through the website JailSucks.com when you need to get out of jail fast.

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Understanding Basic Bail Bonds Terms

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DUI ArrestThere is a first time for everything, and usually you have a chance to learn the ropes. A DUI arrest, however, does not allow you the luxury of time to figure things out. You need to understand what it takes to get out of jail, typically with the help of a Dallas bail bonds company. Attorney Eric Hill, as described on  JailSucks.com, has successfully bailed and defended clients in Dallas for 15 years. Your smartest move is to find the best criminal defense that is available to you.

Learning the Meanings

The Texas Code of Criminal Procedure defines bail as the amount of money that you must provide to the court as proof that you intend to appear on a certain date to respond to the charges placed against you. Other terms that you need to know include these:

  • inmate: when you are arrested and taken to jail, you are an inmate until you get out of jail on bond or are released
  • defendant: your status until you appear in court for adjudication where a judge decides on your guilt or innocence
  • indemnitor: your co-signer who pays the fees for your bond and makes sure that you appear in court
  • bail bond: a written contract that your indemnitor agrees to purchase so that the bond company can assure the court of your appearance as ordered. A bond is usually about 10 percent of the bail amount set by a judge.
  • bail bondsman: an agent who guarantees to pay the full bail amount if you fail to appear in court
  • collateral: something of value that you own like a car, guns or jewelry that a bondsman can hold as security on the risk taken on your behalf
  • bail jumping: a criminal offense that you can avoid by honoring your commitment to appear in court and pay your bondsman

Immediate Assistance

Attorney Eric Hill, Amanda Murphy and the bail bond agents at the law firm described on JailSucks.com are ready to provide immediate response to your call for help. Make sure that your family calls 214-524-5782 as soon as possible when you need a bail bond.

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Understanding Your Rights When Arrested

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DUI ArrestGiven the proliferation of media portrayals of police action, criminal law, and the world of justice in the courtroom, it can be difficult to understand many legal issues. Television shows and news reports can sometimes offer a one-sided or even inaccurate depictions and information. Whether the issue is the consequences of a DUI arrest or the typical course of action of a criminal defense lawyer, misinformation in media portrayals abounds.

One common area of confusion that we try to explain on JailSucks.com, regarding Dallas bail bonds, is the issue of what rights an arrested person has. The fact that a person is under arrest does not mean the individual no longer has any rights. In fact, there are many rights upon which an arrested person can depend to ensure the situation goes smoothly.

The Right to Remain Silent

One right that is often mentioned is the right to remain silent, and for the most part it is relatively easy to understand—you don’t have to say anything that would incriminate you. But what is not often mentioned is that it’s important for you to announce out loud your intention to invoke this right. Don’t assume that remaining silent will make you look suspicious; it is common (and wise) not to speak to police unless a lawyer is present.

Whatever you do, do not lie. Doing so can result in major legal problems.

The Right to Leave

Sometimes, dealing with the police can be intimidating and you may feel compelled to do whatever the police say and even some things that they don’t. What you should know is that you are free to leave until you are arrested. The police cannot simply detain you indefinitely without charging you, so even if someone with you is arrested, you may have the right to leave. If you are unsure whether or not your presence is still required, simply ask politely if you may leave. If you are told that you may not leave, simply politely comply and do not argue.

You also have the right to leave if you have been placed in jail. Depending on the crime you have been charged with as well as other factors, such as your past history, your flight risk, and your job status, a judge may grant you the right to bail. Paying the bail amount allows you to leave jail until the time of your court appearance, when a judge or a jury will decide your future fate.

If you know someone who has been arrested and needs help paying for their bail, contact us through the website JailSucks.com or call us at 214-524-5782 and secure their freedom.

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